Suntory running out of its popular Hibiki and Hakushu
2018 - 05 - 22

Need a relaxing Suntory time after a tough day? Well, it turns out that Suntory needs more time as well.

The alcohol and beverage giant plans to suspend shipments of two of its premium whisky products, Hibiki 17 years old and Hakushu 12 years old, as robust demand squeezes production capacity, a company spokeswoman said.

The last batches of those products will be shipped out around June for the Hakushu 12 and September for the Hibiki 17, and there is no telling when the distillery will have enough supplies to resume sales, she said.

Sales of other Hibiki and Hakushu products of different ages will continue.

Hibiki 17 was the very same whisky American actor Bill Murray’s character was hired to promote in the 2003 movie “Lost In Translation” by seducing drinkers with the pitch: “For relaxing times, make it Suntory time.”