Glenmorangie x PayMe Promotion
2017 - 08 - 28

Purchase the specific Glenmorangie whisky and use PayMe mobile payment, each save $20. Including


格蘭傑蘇玳酒桶 12 Glenmorangie 12 Years Old The Nectar D'Or

格蘭傑勒桑塔12 Glenmorangie 12 Years Old The Lasanta

格蘭傑昆塔盧本波特桶12 Glenmorangie 12 Years Old The Quinta Ruban

格蘭傑18 Glenmorangie 18 Years Old


After selecting the goods and selecting "Transfer" after selecting the goods and selecting the shipping method, we will inform you of the bank account number and payment amount for the transfer. And then use the PayMe to transfer. There is no charge for the process.


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